2019 Symposium on Water, Feedbacks, and Complexity (WFC 2019)

水利組碩二 麥胤寰

From 11/28 to 11/30, we invited the students of Korea University, National Cheng Kung University and Hong Kong University to join the symposium on water, feedbacks, and complexity. This symposium is roughly divided by three main topics: analyzing various topographies, comparison of hydrological characteristics across different city and the influence of the hyporheic water on the stream ecosystems. During three days, we got a lot of suggestion of the result and had a deeply discuss with our teammates about each topic. Hope this event could continue in Seoul successfully next year. The students from Hong Kong also gladly share their experiences:
Jiang Long (The University of Hong Kong)
My great pleasure to participate in the WFC 2019! It is really a meaningful conference where I have achieved a lot. I would like to express my appreciation to Pro. You, Pro. Paik, Pro. Sun and all students in NTU. Also, Taipei is a beautiful city with so many nice foods and snacks that I enjoy this trip quite well!

The tour guide in the first day’s morning showed me of the beautiful yard and amenity for students. I was also impressed by those interesting stories from the introduction of the glorious history of NTU. I believe all these promote both the students and faculties there. For the conference then, it would be my pleasure to get touch with students and Profs though their presentations. It broadened my view and provided some new thoughts about my research although I am not familiar with all contents presented. I am especially interested in the Paik’s presentation of meandering rivers and special types of delta. It got me thinking about the consequences of human intervention in some rivers. The one-day workshop is another significant point that deep our communications. I have had a nice time working with patterner in the workshop where we exchanged the ideas and excised the skills in processing data and analyze them. We also got some interesting preliminary results from the one-day project and further analysis may be conducted to enhance the proof of our founding.

I believe the WFC will become better and better. Here are some suggestions for the conference which I think could be help. It could be better if we could have some detailed introduction about the department of hydrology or civil engineering in NTU including the history, some labs and amazing achievements. In addition, for the one-day project, we may have a short middle report at noon to present the main directions of further working. It allows other groups and Profs to comment on it and give some suggestions. I believe it will be more efficient for further work.

Thanks again for your kindly arrangement!

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Huang Peng (The University of Hong Kong)

It is my honor to attend the WFC 2019 in Taipei. It’s really an exciting and substantial conference! I wish to express my great appreciation to Pro. You, Pro. Paik, Pro. Sun and students in NTU, without your effort we could never enjoy such a good journey!

Through the WFC, I have learned a lot. From the university tour, I learned the glorious history of NTU and visited the beautiful school yard. It was rare to know a university in such a detailed way. The presentations provided by students let me know more about each other and understand what we are doing. It offered us more clues for further communication. The short course provided by Pro. Paik was very interesting and it made me interested in the river evolution. I also liked the one-day workshop as it made us discuss, corporate and present our preliminary outcomings. It was a basic and complete exercise that trained us essential skills in research work. I believed that all skills I leaned in WFC are very helpful in my career in the further. What’s more, the food was wonderful in Taipei! I love them so much!

If asked about suggestions for the WFC, I think that maybe we can present results of one-day workshop in the way of poster. Professors and students could take a look at the poster one by one and ask group members to introduce their work. Maybe more questions could be raised, and participation of students could be increased in this way. Besides, it will be great if we can visit the lab if there is a chance, it may be impressed if we can see what others are doing.

Anyway, it is really happy to attend the WFC. And thank you all again, we are taken good care by your kind arrangement, especially when our supervisor could not attend this time. Hope WFC could be held every year and keep better and better!


The presentation of Huang Peng
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