NTUCE-VSA Wulai Trip

Ph.D. student   Thuy-Ninh Dao

National Taiwan University (NTU) is the leading university in Taiwan, ranked in the top 100 universities worldwide according to QS ranking 2017. And the Department of Civil Engineering has a higher ranking on 29th in 2018. Along with the honor, NTU students are under heavy pressure to be the best as well. We are studying hard, working for long hours in the lab, attending many classes and dealing with the huge amount of exams in an academic year. Like anyone else, besides the stressful life we, NTU students, also demand and desire for good physical health in order to recharge our energy to undertake our study and research in the short term, pursue a bright career in the future ahead and make a contribution to the society later.

To create such an environment, NTU-VSA (Vietnamese Student Association) successfully held activities both for university-wise students and students particularly in the Department of Civil Engineering to Wulai District, New Taipei, on Taiwan’s National Holiday, October 10, 2019. We had a wonderful trip since this occasion helped us well understand each other, sharing learning and living experience. In addition, this trip helped students explore Taiwan’s culture and enhanced the relationship among them, especially to advertise the cooperation program between NTUCE & NUCE. To enrich our trip, we also invited our Japanese and Mozambique fellow classmates to come with us, so to enjoy the beautiful natural sceneries with about 30 people altogether.

Below are some pictures of the trips!

On behalf of NTUVSA, we would like to express our deep gratitude and highly appreciate the Department of Civil Engineering Chairman’s warm concern!