Greeting from Prof. Katsuya Sakai (new faculty member of Transportation Division)

Katsuya Sakai


大家好! My name is Katsuya Sakai (坂井勝哉). I am an assistant professor in a transportation course. I am very glad to be starting work for the Department of Civil Engineering at NTU.

I was born and raised in Kyoto, Japan. I received Doctor of Engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology in 2015. After working as a post-doc fellow of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) and visiting Institute for Transport Studies (ITS) in University of Leeds, UK, I moved to Kobe University as an academic researcher in 2017. Then I become an assistant professor in NTU on 1 February 2019.
My research interests include transportation planning, traffic control, transport economics and dynamic traffic assignment. I will try to act as an academic bridge between Taiwan and Japan. I expect we could learn more from each other.
On holidays I like doing calligraphy. I have learned calligraphy of Japanese and Chinese characters for 24 years and have a teaching license in Japan. I am excited because Taiwan is the best place to learn it more.

For students: I have a spirit of adventure. If you choose the more challenging option, your life becomes more interesting. Nobody would finish their life with saying that I’m very happy because my life was very ordinary.