Taiwan in My Eyes – The Next Generations

洪崇文 (Kevin)、翁東豪 (Tung Ho)、Yahya (朴德亞)、莫昌洧 (Maverick)

We are honored to be invited to participate in the event “Taiwan in my eyes in 120hr”. Our team is named The Next Generations, and consists of Yahya from Iraq, Tung Ho from Indonesia, Kevin from Taiwan and Maverick from Malaysia. We are all from Civil Engineering Department from National Taiwan University, and the love of travel an adventure united us in this journey. We would really like to thank CTCIEF for providing us this opportunity to learn so much in such a fun and exciting way. We hoped to travel, learn, meet new people, and also to have fun in the process.

Teammates of The Next Generations: (from left) Maverick, Tung Ho, Kevin and Yahya

Our team is a cohesive team that stick together like a glue, and work together like a well-oiled machine. We fill in each other’s strength and weakness with our dif-ferent upbringing, cultural backgrounds and personalities. Yahya is the loud one, Kevin is the smart one, Tung Ho is the cheerful one, and Maverick is the grumpy one. Coming from different cultural backgrounds, we all share love for Taiwan, and are ready to discover more of what we will love about Taiwan.

Taiwan is a beautiful country where we find most people to enjoy a lot of equal privileges and opportunities. What we really love about Taiwan is how people really love people, no matter how you are, no matter your race, no matter your culture, no matter your religion, no matter your language, no matter how you are born. Taiwan-ese government always try to help people who do not enjoy privileges like the others, and there are programs to help aboriginal children, there are programs to preserve Hakka culture, there are programs to help foreign students, there are programs to help poor children to go to school, there are programs to help old people who are abandoned.

This is why we chose to focus on a theme of social welfare in Taiwan. We hoped to see the different side of Taiwan, the human side of Taiwan, as we think humans are what make Taiwan beautiful. During this journey, seeing old people who suffer, seeing children who do not enjoy opportunities like us, make us want to love and care more about the world. Yahya, Tung Ho, Kevin, and Maverick, all from dif-ferent backgrounds, after this journey, felt that we not only understood each other more, and understood Taiwan more, we felt that we each understood humans more than before.