NTUCE Indonesian Welcoming Party

by Ray Septian Togi (土木三 卓建佑)


The global wide-spread of COVID-19 has affected all of us not only economically, but also how we go by our lives in a day-to-day basis. It has fundamentally changed how our society works as a whole, masks are required everywhere we go, restrictions are put in place for our safety as a whole, and it’s difficult to meet up with friends even for a simple lunch.

This was especially true for our juniors who had to graduate online from their high school. Unable to meet up with their friends for one last time, they could only say their final goodbyes through the screen of their phones. And quarantine didn’t make things any better. If any, it only intensified the feeling that you’re isolated, far away in an unfamiliar environment, families, and friends.

Taking these into consideration, we decided to put in some extra effort to help our juniors settle into their new environment by holding a welcoming party!

“Tak kenal maka tak sayang” is a popular Indonesian quote which when roughly translated can be understood as “By getting to know someone, you’ll learn how to love them” We hope that through this event, we can be someone that they can rely on and let them know that we (their seniors) are available to help. And finally, we are also very thankful for the warm support that NTUCE has given to us which ultimately led up to a successful event.

Nasi Tumpeng – A famous Indonesian traditional cuisine.

Tantyo and Julian during a talk show about future career path.

Daniel presenting about exchange program and undergraduate course selection.

Happy meal time!

NTUCE Indonesian Students